Lakeview Heights

Lakeview Heights is a premier residential development lot located at the heart of the Midlands complex. Approximately 1,000 feet above sea level, it provides panoramic views of the Midlands East Golf Course, Mt. Makiling, Taal Lake and Volcano, and the Midlands Golf Clubhouse.

This community showcases Asian architecture with influences from Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan. Lakeview Heights is a premium residential lot development for the affluent few. This exclusive community of beautifully-designed homes derived from contemporary Asian inspired architecture promotes clean, pristine and serene living. Lakeview homes are built on one of Tagaytay Midlands’ best locations, with an incomparable view of Taal Lake and Volcano.


Has 144 lots with an average size of 500 square meters each

A safe, gated community, confined with 24-hour security

Underground utilities

Provisions for cable television and telephone lines

Abundant water supply through the Tagaytay Midlands private water system

100% emergency power supply

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