The Villas at Tagaytay Highlands is a complex of 48 individually-designed detached homes in a fully landscaped environment with a Southern California rustic theme. Top quality natural materials such as wood, stone, clay, and stucco are used to authenticate its rustic feel.

Set amid 3.6 hectares, these Southern California-inspired villas are generously spaced within the landscaped environment and with views of Laguna de Bay, Mount Makiling and Mount Banahaw, the golf course, and the lights of Manila during nighttime.


A complex of 48 individually-designed detached homes
•  A 3.6 hectare fully landscaped environment
•  A Southern California themed community built in six clusters of eight houses each
•  Right beside Hole No. 4 of the Tagaytay Highlands golf course
•  An average covered floor area of 240 sqms.
•  Each unit will have three bedrooms, including a master bedroom suite, spacious living and dining areas,
    a modern kitchen, lanais, balcony, deck, maid’s room, driver’s room and a two-car garage
•  100% emergency power supply
•  Abundant water supply
•  In-house landscaping
•  Full housekeeping services

Site Development Plan

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