There is no golf and leisure resort community more impossibly located than Tagaytay Highlands. Built almost precariously within a ravine just below what was once known as Imelda Marcos’s palace in the sky (now People’s Park), the club is an architectural and structural masterpiece.  Just building the access road to the property was a marvel of engineering.


Locker rooms with Jacuzzi (male locker room only), sauna, 98 lockers for male guests and 116 lockers for female guests

Specialty shop

Three restaurants offering a variety of international specialty cuisines

Meeting rooms

A library and reading room

Karaoke bar

Recreational Amenities

Swimming pools

Sauna and steam bath

Outdoor pools with jacuzzi clusters

The game room

Children's recreation and learning center

Fishing pier

Pony trail

Kids' biking course

9-hole mini-golf links

Trekking trail and packages

Team-building course and activities

Tree house

Internet and gaming center

Camping grounds and facilities

Indoor and outdoor children’s playground

ATV trail and course

The Animal Farm - a petting zoo which is home to miniature animals from different parts of the world and equipped with veterinary doctor open for services.

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