The Grove at Plantation Hills

An agricultural project showcasing the promotion of a balanced ecological system in the country.

Thoughtfully embedded into nature and designed as a modern agritopia in The Greenlands.  The Grove at Plantation Hills combines the comforts  of contemporary living and benefits of leisure farming.  Embrace the rural charm of your modern farmhouse here at The Grove, where family and farming come together the way nature crafted.

Project Description

The Grove

Combining a leisure residential and farming concept in one, experience the conveniences of modern living and the fulfilling joy of nurturing and cultivating the land, all within a place you call home.

This community of trees, with its modern farm house architectural theme, is designed to encourage homeowners to cultivate and nurture their individual lots with fruit trees, herbs and vegetables.

Scenic Views
Has picturesque views of the Midlands Golf Course, Batangas countryside, Mount Makiling, and Taal Lake and Volcano.

A neighbourhood of nurturers

The Grove is a green community that embraces a farm-to-table way of life where you can grow what's best for your family.

Village Farm

A community farm that serves as a common planting and harvesting area geared towards fostering a sense of affinity among neighbors.

​Backyard Farm

With 65% of the Orchard Lots serving as green space for growing herbs, vegetables, and fruits, healthy eating is as easy as stepping out of your door.

Nature is wellness, fun and comfort

Carved out from the community’s landscape are amenities and features designed for mindfulness, leisure and interaction. Have access to comforts while still being completely immersed in fun of nature.


Village Amenities

Grand lawn

Log benches

Pocket parks

Tree orchard

Tree-lined perimeter path

East Pond Amenities

Village farm



Fishing Deck

West Pond Amenities

Therapeutic walk

​Wishing well

Location Map

Site Development Plan

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