​Tropical residential oasis located at the heart of Tagaytay Highlands, the country’s most exclusive mountain resort, offering varied pursuits for seekers of ​rest and recreation.


Indulge in nature’s grandeur at the first and only tropical residential resort in Tagaytay Highlands. Situated at the highest point of The Midlands, this haven is a visual delight, a perfect setting for those yearning for a holistic escape.
Vireya is where the different elements of nature and architecture are perfectly put together creating a Bali-inspired community, quiet, tranquil place sheltered by tropical landscaping to reinforce the community’s resort feel. With Vireya as your new home, you and your family can enjoy the best of both worlds – the classic mountain resort living of Tagaytay Highlands and the laid back tropical resort lifestyle.

16.9m hectares total area

Vireya has a total of  209 lots

Density of 12 lots per hectare

Lots are sized from 250 – 562 square meters

With homes integrating elements of wood, wide glass windows for a perfect view, high-pitched roof, decorative stones, entryways with lanais and patios

The community offers magnificent view of the Highlands mountains and Taal Lake and Volcano

Over 60% of the total subdivision area features themed parks, lush sceneries and open spaces


Vireya Tagaytay is the only tropical residential oasis located at the heart of Tagaytay Highlands, the country’s most exclusive mountain resort, offering pursuits for seekers of rest and recreation.

A modern tropical themed Village in Tagaytay Midlands, Highlands complex, spread over 16.9 heacares of land

Overlooking the beautiful mountains of Highlands and Taal Lake

Exclusive, gated community with its own amenities

Coming from Tagaytay Highlands, it is the development across Sierra Lago, Pueblo Real, and Horizon 

1.2kms from Midlands Golf Club, 4.7 kms from Highlands Golf and 5.5kms away from Gate 2.

Vireya Tagaytay stands out as the only tropical residential resort community within a resort. It provides a balanced lifestyle for young growing families, with well-planned amenities fashioned to create fun, active, and truly enjoyable family time. Each block has its own point of interest for the family’s utmost enjoyment and privacy.

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