Terrazzas De Alava

Northern Spain Home Inspired

An infinite canvass of nature’s beauty and serenity, Terrazzas de Alava is the perfect place for modern living in a natural environment as nature and luxury are integrated into your own abode.

Alava, the heart of the Basque region in Northern Spain is the perfect place for nature lovers with its beautiful sceneries and panoramic views. Our very own Terrazzas de Alava at Lakeside Fairways is at the heart of the mountains in Tagaytay, where splashes of nature’s colors give the place its own natural charm. The land is slightly elevated, offering an immense view of the fairways and of Taal Lake. Located in a slightly elevated lay of land, Terrazzas de Alava offers a view of the corridors of the golf course, Taal Lake, and the vast, lush landscape.


This community is located on a 3.3-hectare fairway-side prime land

Has 51 lots with sizes ranging from 338 to 995 square meters

A five-meter wide promenade located within village borders

A safe, gated community, confined with 24-hour security

24-hour emergency medical and fire-fighting teams

Independent and abundant water supply

100% emergency power supply

In-house landscaping and full housekeeping services available

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