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TREALVA is the first residential development at Tagaytay Highlands’ newest enclave- Midlands West   Trealva at Midlands West—a new location to discover and turn into a home where we can grow and give back. Trealva at Midlands West holds that by combining the potential of a stunning alpine environment with the awareness of a community that recognizes the need of maintaining it, we help safeguard a future that future generations can cherish.

Trealva at Midlands West knows that by combining a stunning mountain environment with the consciousness of a community that recognizes the value of conservation, we can help safeguard a future for generations to come.

Midlands West, an eco-centric community designed holistically that’ll enable sustainable living.
Tagaytay Highlands mountain resort is laying the foundation for estate’s fourth and final premium enclave after the Highlands, Midlands, and Greenlands, as the globe teeters on the verge of a new beginning. Midlands West, an unheard-of lifestyle idea is poised to establish itself as a truly holistic way of life oriented on sustainability.

Midlands West will symbolize the status of belonging to a prestigious mountain resort neighborhood. Living in a unique natural setting that guarantees the same quality and stature as current residential projects in Tagaytay Highlands.
Holistic health, wellness, and nature will meet at the center of this new Midlands district which is intended to also be human-centric. Its ideal position will enable residents and their families to be immersed in nature’s majesty while enjoying a myriad of outdoor experiences, ranging from quiet and energetic activities to extreme adventures, with the welfare of individuals at the center of its objective. All of these work together to incorporate the built environment into the mind, body, and soul.
To encourage an eco-friendly living, Midlands West will combine sustainable elements into the way of life. This is what it intends to do by including effective water and solid waste management techniques, rain gardens, and drought-tolerant plants into all upcoming residential developments. Along with its goals of simplicity, functionality, and comfort, Midlands West’s architecture will be highly organic. By making advantage of natural lighting and ventilation as well as advocating for creative uses of recycled and eco-friendly materials, one may cultivate a close relationship with nature.

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Trealva is the first residential community at Midlands West, a new district in Tagaytay Highlands where nature continues to prosper.
While moving towards development and growth, Trealva at Midlands West recognizes the impact  lifestyle choices and estate have on the environment.  To address this, Trealva at Midlands goes back to the basics to move further forward and provide homes for many generations to follow.

Trealva at Midlands West is located in the souther section of Tagaytay Highlands.  A drive through the property taking you to Trealva at Midlands West unfolds a beauiful view of nature.  The vista of Taal Lake alone makes it a prime spot.

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Tend to your soul and easily achieve wellness in spaces specially designed for the Trealva at Midlands West community.  The Eco Park and the Nurture Park provide the room for leisure activities, such as joggile, biking, playing, and trekking, while bring you close to nature.

Nurturing spaces for recreation

Nature Park
​Eco Park

​Passive Zone – Open Lawn, Rain Garden
Active Zone – Jogging path, Bike lane, Play lawn
​Adventure Zone – Nature trail, Activity lawn
  • Adult and Kiddie pool
  • Playground
  • Clubhouse
  • Multi-purpose pavillion
  • Event lawn

Trealva at Midlands West design1Trealva at Midlands West design2Trealva at Midlands West design3Trealva at Midlands West design4

•  Gated community with 24-hour security •   Underground utilities •   Provisions for cable television and telephone •   Ample water supply through the Tagaytay Midlands private water system •  100% emergency power supply

Nearest Facility/Recreation:
•  Tagaytay Midlands Golf course • Tagaytay Midlands Golf Clubhouse (Midlands Golfer’s Lounge, Pro Shop, Locker Rooms, Tee Houses) • The new Midlands Lucky 9 • Lower Funicular Train • Midlands Veranda  • Madre De Dios Chapel • Bistro Saratoga

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​Target Turnover

Commence Construction
​Property Elevation

Lot per hectares
Total no. of Lots
Lot size range
Total Area
Saleable Area
Height for houses
House Setback (Front)
House Setback (Side/Rear)
Utilities Setback (All Sides)
Contemporary Architecture with clean lines, large windows for natural light and modern hip/pitch roof design.
Midlands West, Brgy. Quiling, Talisay, Batangas
​2025 December

Taal lake, Batangas countryside, Tagaytay Highlands
460-780 feet above sea level
14 lots per hectare
​274-803 sq.m.
19.9 hectares (approx.)
​84,608 sq.m.
9-12 meters
4.5 meters
2 meters
​1 meter
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Trealva at Midlands West is accessible from Makati CBD via the following routes:
  • Approximately 70kilometers via Sta. Rosa or Batino Exits from South Luzon Expressway
  • Approximately 60 kilometers via Coast Road/Aguinaldo Highway or SLEX exit to Batino/Suplang Gate.

​Within Tagaytay Highlands, Trealva at Midlands West is situated in close proximity to the following amenities:
  •  2mins.(approx.) away from Madre de Dios Chapel
  •  1- km (approx.) from The Midlands Golf Clubhouse
  •  6 km (approx.) from The Country Club at the Tagaytay Highlands

Trealva at Midlands West is accessible via Midlands Ave., Fairways Drive and Midlands West Loop Road.
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[      T A G A Y T A Y    H I G H L A N D S   M A P       ]

Trealva at Midlands West

Architectural Theme
Contemporary Architecture with clean lines, large windows for natural light and modern hip/pitch roof design.
Roof: modern hip/pitch roof design. Exterior finishes consist of any of the following materials:
  • stone-coated steel roofing, wood,
  • stucco,
  • concrete,
  • natural stone, slate and other similar finishes.

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